PIGShibition is a community art project that will draw awareness to local literacy issues; support OLC and local artists; promote local artists and their work; and promote the city of Fayetteville.


The Community

Fayetteville is home to the University of Arkansas. Fayetteville nestles deep in the Boston Mountains, a subset of The Ozark Mountains.  She is ranked as the 7th best college sports town and 4th for Business and Careers by Forbes. Kiplinger’s 2008 “Best Cities to Work, Live and Play” list featured Fayetteville as #7. U.S. News ranked Fayetteville one of the best places to retire. Fayetteville is a town unlike any other in Arkansas. Hundreds of artist make their home here, and our project will showcase the many talented.

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For the Artists

You are invited to submit your design for the PIGShibition: A Community Art Project to support the Ozark Literacy Council and our vast local artist community. Throughout our 3 season event, we hope to bring awareness to literacy issues present in NWA and showcase a variety of prized local artists. Just follow this link to the Call to the Artists’ page for the details on how to participate.

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For the Sponsors

Interested in sponsoring your own pig?  There are 3 sponsorship levels designed for community members and corporations alike.  Click here for details.  Don’t miss this o-PORK-tunity.

These little piggies will be going fast…all the way to Market!

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