What is PIGShibition?

PIGShibition is a community art project sponsored by Ozark Literacy Council in partnership with the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission.  It is intended to support the advancement of literacy as well as the local arts community, and it will provide an interesting and beautiful enhancement in and around the Fayetteville area.

Who is coordinating PIGShibition?

 Ozark Literacy Council board of directors, the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission, and committee volunteers are coordinating all activities associated with PIGShibition.

Why is it being done?

 The Ozark Literacy Council’s board of directors wanted something fresh and fun to bring awareness to literacy issues in Northwest Arkansas.  By partnering with the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission and seeking the involvement of local artists, they felt they could also impact Northwest Arkansas in general and make it a community event that could be enjoyed by everyone over several months.

Who is sponsoring the event?

 Ozark Literacy Council and the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission are coordinating it, but the actual PIG sponsors are people and local businesses in the community.  People who love this area and love the fun of flamboyant PIG sculptures. People like YOU! For more information on how to sponsor a PIG, please download the Call to Sponsor packet. (PDF)

When will the pigs be out?

They’re out right now!! The artists began receiving their PIGS in May 2012, and the first ones started their ‘display tour’ in June 2012.  As artists complete their projects, their sculptures will be displayed and a pin will be added to a PIGShibition map. We are continually updating a list on the PIGShibition website, as well as via Facebook and Twitter. Click here to like and follow PIGShibition

How long will the PIGS be on display?

PIGS will be on display throughout the fall and winter.  They will then be corralled and herded to the final Piggies Go To Market live auction on March 14, 2013. After the event, the PIGS will move to their new homes.

Where can I see the pigs?

PIGS are on display throughout the region, with more pigs added to the herd regularly. Below is a list of existing installation and you can view a map HERE .

Pig Name Artist Sponsor Location
Pigital Matt Miller Cox Communications 3390 N Futrall Dr Fayetteville AR
Sooie Student Jane Garrison Davidian Inn at Carnall Hall 465 Arkansas Ave Fayetteville AR
Pigology Susan Shackelford Psychology and Counseling Associates Fayetteville Boys and Girls Club 560 N Rupple Rd Fayetteville AR
When Pigs Fly Ronie Sparkman Tyson Food Fayetteville Public Library 401 W Mountain Fayetteville AR
Whats the Pig Idea Julian Santa Rita Psychology and Counseling Associates 1 W Sunbridge Fayetteville AR
Sweet Pea Margot Moulton Walker Family Foundation Walton Arts Center Rose Garden 495 W Dickson Fayetteville AR
Pig Up a Book and Read Priscilla White Arvest Bank Arvest on Fayetteville Square 75 N East Ave Fayetteville AR
Bountiful Fayetteville Rae Russell Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission Clinton House Museum 930 W Clinton Dr Fayetteville AR
Pigtopia Mel Thompson Destinations 3849 W Wedington Dr Fayetteville AR
The Pig Easy Zeek Taylor Powerhouse Seafood and Grill 111 N University Fayetteville AR
Ball Hog Michael Marzullo Pinnacle Foods 1100 West 15th St Fayetteville AR
Priscilla Michael Marzullo Mermaids Restaurant 2217 N College Ave Fayetteville AR
Freedom Hisae Kimura Yale and Tracy Beckers Ozark Literacy Council 2596 Keystone Crossing Fayetteville AR
Aenar Adam Campbell Adventure Subaru on the front Courthouse lawn at the corner of Dickson and North College 280 North College Avenue Fayetteville AR
Ferdinand the Bull (Pig) Carol Sharos BHK Kafe on the square 1 E Center St Fayetteville AR
When Pigs Fly I Jack Wilson Friends of Drake Field 4290 S School Ave Fayetteville AR
The Reader Jason Jones CertaPro Painters 2243 N College Fayetteville AR

Original Sculptor:  Mike Davis-Guiterrez
Fiberglass Magician: Glynn Samuels of G and D Fiberglass.

How can I get involved?

 You or your company can sponsor a PIG or you can volunteer as a tutor at OLC. If you have other questions or ideas you’d like to share, please use the Contact Us form.

What if I don’t have the money for a whole pig?

You can partner with friends or other companies to sponsor a PIG. You can also attend the Piggies Go To Market event on March 14, 2013 to bid on finished PIGS and browse the silent auction.  We will also be offering promotional PIGShibition memorabilia that you will surely love!  If you are not able to partner with a friend or a company, you can donate any amount through PayPal using our Donate page. Every little bit helps and will go directly to the Ozark Literacy Council. We thank you for your support.

I’m an artist. How can I find out about the artist selection process?

The deadline to submit artwork and proposals has passed, but bookmark the Artists Page  and check back regularly to find out about the next season.